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  1. PLA is a lactic acid fermented from cornstarch polymerizing to be Polylactic Acid.
  2. PLA is approved by America FDA, and that is recycled, decomposing, stock-manuring and incinerating.
  3. Not add plastic, that can decompose to be carbon dioxide and water in stock manure situation after using and disuse, and become to be a humus, which is good for plant growing, belonging to a decomposing material.

Food salver, food tray, non-washing tableware and flowerpot, etc.

Facture Spec.
  • Thickness : 0.15m/m~1.20m/m
  • Width : 50cm~120cm
  • Embossed : glossy
  • Color : transparency,pure white, black, other colors
  • Mini. Order : 1000KGS~2000KGS