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  • PET sheets is a non-crystal thermoplastic, burned completely without any peculiar odour, belonging to recycling environmental protection material.
  • Thin sheets characteristic: applicable for general vacuum forming, hallow molding forming, printing, lamination, plating, adhesive by handwork.
  • Thick sheets characteristic: with high transparence, shock-resistant strength and good rigidity, no embrittlement under low temperature and with excellent machinability (applicable for CNC cutting, electric sawing, and general cutting machine), especially as an excellent printing material.

  • Common thin sheet: usually used in electronic liner tray, salver, folio box, three-fold box, handmade box, hardware, food packing, cloth paillette;
  • Special thin sheet: applicable for electronic antistatic agent (inside), (surface) electrostatic solution coating, GAG high cycle fusion and adhesive material.
  • Thick sheet: advertising printing, display shelves, toolbox.
Thin sheet facture spec
  • Thickness : 0.20m/m~1.0m/m
  • Width : 50cm~140cm
  • Embossed : Glossy
  • Color : Transparent
  • Mini. Order : 1000KG
  • Others : Colored Transparent, White, Black(RECYCLE Production) Mini. Order ==>1000KG
Thick sheet facture spec
  • Thickness : 0.50m/m~2.00m/m
  • Width * Length : 122cm*244cm / 91.5cm*183cm / 100cm*200cm three kinds
  • Embossed : Glossy / Paster or Pasting-film
  • Color : Transparent
  • Mini. Order : 1000KG