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  • High transparency, water-proof, acid-resistance and alkaline resistance, anti-aging, easy to process under low temperature, good stability.
  • Applicable for gneral heat seal processing, gilding, printing, sewing and piling.
  • Various flexibility and rigidity for selection, and can be made to be half-rigid material.

Generally used in leather bag, sofa, briefcase, computer dustproof cover, notebook, file cover, decoration wallpaper, table mat, tablecloth, raincoat, blowing plastic cloth

Facture Spec.
  • Thickness : 0.05m/m~3.00m/m
  • Width :  36"~ 72"
  • Embossed :  鏡面,霧面,…
  • Color : Transparent, Pure white, Black,Other Colors
  • Mini. Order : 1000KG