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  1. HIPS pressed out from polystyrene, product is translucency, with high shock-resistance strength, and excellent chromaticity and machinability.
  2. HIPS is presently used in board materials and sheet materials in large quantity, mainly utilizing its excellent ductibility, vacuum molding, low moisture absorption and excellent capability in mould transferred-writing.

  • Universally applied in peripheral parts of personal computer, TV set crust, electric appliances and toys.
  • Mainly used in toys (cyclone card), clapboard for decoration (joint), stationery(printing&bronzing), food container (cup, lunch box, fruit tray, liner of gift box), electron(adding anlistatig or conductive) packaging liner, interior facilities of refrigerator and door liner.
Facture Spec.
  • Thickness : 0.25m/m~10.00m/m( pack in roll or pack in sheet )
  • Width : 50cm~100cm
  • Embossed : Plain Weave, Embossed Weave
  • Color : Pure White, Black,Other Colors
  • Mini. Order : 1000KG