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Expoxy resin boards is also called synthesize board, developed for mould design and industrial mould. Substitute the defect of original natural wood, possessing below excellent qualification:

  • Good machinability
  • Paintability
  • Dimensional stability)
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Light weight
  • Lower shrinkage during
  • Water risistance
  • Smooth & sturdy


Car/space industrial mould, injection mould, pressed mould, punched mould and CNC, etc. high-density mould facture and its insulation material, and for art sculpture.

Product Spec.
  • Thinkness : 3.0cm,3.5cm,4.0cm,4.5cm,5.0cm,5.5cm,6.0cm,6.5cm,……..10cm
  • Size :  45cm*70cm(spot supply) / 55cm*55cm(made-to-order) /  60cm*60cm(made-to-order)
  • Color : white/brown
  • Packing : cortons