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Material Application Thickness Width&Length
PP Corrugated sheet Collection case, stationery case, school bag, billboard, display board, heatproof/dampproof board 2.00m/m~6m/m(t), 100 cm*150 cm,200cm*200cm
PP Synthetic Paper Books and periodicals, poster, monthly calendar, yearly calendar, back-up board, fan, business card, label 0.10m/m~0.70m/m(t)  
PVC Foam sheet Decoration panel or clapboard, furniture panel, advertising signboard 2.00m/m~10.00m/m(t), 122cm *244cm
PE Foam sheet Separating board of school bag, substrate board of travelling case, sound insulation board of auto, brim of hat 0.70m/m~3.00m/m(t) 100 cm *200 cm
PE Cloth Water proof, earth and stone running proof, obstruct filter net, steady base floor, gravity earth-obstructing wall 140kg/cm,280kg/cm…. 60"(width)
PS Lattice Board For washroom and bathroom 2.00m/m~5.00m/m(t)  
Tape OPP tape, PVC insulation tape, double-sided tape, stationery tape, temperature-resistant tape - -
PE Shrink Film For packing film 0.015m/m~0.04m/m 50cm~150cm
PP Colored Ribbon For gifts and flowers packing and meeting place decoration - -